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Common brand names

Single ingredient

  • Droncit Tablets for Dogs and Cats
  • Droncit Topical Solution for Cats

Combined ingredients

Generic products are available.

Uses of Praziquantel

Praziquantel is a narrow-spectrum anthelmintic used to kill tapeworms in dogsוcats. It is not effective against roundworms or external parasites, and as such, it is often combined with other antiparasitics such as Pyrantel to create a broad-spectrum product.

Method of application

Oral, topical or subcutaneous application. Application of combined ingredient products may vary.

Dosage and administration

Please note that these directions refer to products containing Praziquantel only, and may not be applicable to products containing a combination of ingredients.

Praziquantel is administered as a one-off treatment, with the dosage and application based on your pet’s type and body weight. To avoid overdosing, please ensure that you weigh your pet and use only as directed.

Oral tablets should be placed directly in the pet’s mouth or added to a small amount of food. Fasting is not necessary and not recommended.

Topical application is for use on cats only and should be applied where the animal is not able to lick it off.

A single dose is all that is required to kill existing tapeworms, but Praziquantel does not provide protection against reinfestation. For dogs in rural areas and for packs of hounds, this dose should be repeated every four weeks.

As fleas are a carrier of some tapeworms, flea control should be completed at the same time to avoid reinfestation.

Possible side effects

Oral application: The most commonly reported side effect after oral administration is vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea in dogs, and vomiting and diarrhea in cats.

Topical or subcutaneous application: Animals treated with Praziquantel may experience vomiting, drooling, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Less common side effects include weakness, drowsiness, and loss of coordination. They may also experience pain at the injection site.


Do not administer to dogs weighing less than 2.5 kg

Do not administer to unweaned puppies and kittens, as such animals are rarely infected with tapeworms.

Safe for use with pregnant dogs and cats.

Signs of toxicity

The most common side effects of Praziquantel toxicity include drooling, depression, vomiting and a loss of coordination.

If you suspect your pet has had an overdose, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


Store in a dry place below 77°F (25°C).


This information is provided for general reference only and is not intended to replace the packaging label or veterinary advice. This page may not include all side effects, uses, brand names or applications.


Praziquantel drug information sheet
Praziquantel Information Sheet

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