Nexgard Combo לחתולים 5.5-16.5 פאונד (2.5-7.5 ק"ג) - 3 חבילות
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פרונטליין (Frontline) פלוס קטן לכלבים 22 פאונד (10 קילו) - 3 פיפטות

Frontline Plus for small dogs prevents fleas and ticks.

Expiry date: 07/2026
Frontline Plus 3 Pack Small Dog is a 3 month supply of a powerfully improved formula designed for dogs under 10kg (22lbs.) with even more parasite killing power than the original frontline. This potent improvement includes the following incredible benefits:
  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae
  • Kills ticks
  • Treats chewing lice
  • Water resistant
This treatment is a spot on application, and the package comes with a convenient applicator so your dog can be treated quickly and get back to chasing squirrels, rolling in the dirt, and whatever other canine activities he can manage without getting into too much trouble.

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שאלות ותשובות (4)
איזה מוצר לדעתך יעיל יותר בקו החזית פלוס או ב- Vectra D?
It is always best to consult with your vet as to best medication for your pet.
Which is stronger, Frontline Plus or NexGard?
שניהם מיוצרים על ידי אותה חברה. Nexgard הוא החדש מבין השניים ועל פי המשוב שלנו הוא יעיל יותר. עם זאת אנו ממליצים לך לקבל ייעוץ מן הווטרינר שלך, לפני מתן כל התרופות חיות המחמד שלך.
האם המוצר בטוח לכלבל 4 ק"ג?
Yes it is safe as long as the puppy older than 8 weeks old.
מה המחיר של חבילה 12 של פרונטליין פלוס
We don't carry Frontline 12 packs, but we are confident that our 2x6 packs price is still better than 12 pack retail price.
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Always purchasing this one. I found this site that is very cheap and good delivery quality. I will Buy this again.
Frontline Plus is good treatment. I don't found fleas and ticks from my dog that applied frontline. I am very satisfied.
Lynette herman
I have purchased Frontline Plus in the past, and I have tried others. And always come back to this one, it is the most reliable, and efficient, which lets face it we don't have time for lessons anymore, just something that works. Well this is it!
Jolene Groves
I am very happy with the products, customer service and timely shipping at Petbucket. Thank you for helping save money on name brand products for my two dogs.
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