Nexgard Combo לחתולים 5.5-16.5 פאונד (2.5-7.5 ק"ג) - 3 חבילות
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סטרונגהולד בלו (Stronghold Blue) חתולים ממשקל 5.7 - 15.5 פאונד (2.6-7.5 קילו) - 6 חפיסות

סטרונגהולד בלו לחתולים מונע תולעי לב, פרעושים ופרעושים מזיקים אחרים.

תאריך תפוגה: 10/2025
סטרונגהולד בלו 6 לחתולים בין 2.6-7.5 קילו  (5.7-15.5 פאונד).45 מיליגרם, עובד מצוין ולחודש שלם אחרי השמה אחת. 6 מנות יתנו לגוש פרווה החמוד שלך את כל העזרה שהוא צריך במלחמה עם טפילים פנימיים וחיצוניים, כגון:
  • פרעושים- מבוגרים,ביצים, ורימות
  • תולעי לב
  • תולעי מעיים- תולעי נימיות וכרץ
  • קרדית האוזן
  • כינים נושכות
לתכשיר החזק הזה יש מלא שימושים, ודורש מאמץ מועט מאוד כדי לשמור על החתול שלך בריא ושלם. זה פשוט תלוי במצב הרוח של המתוק. חכה לפחות שעתיים אחרי הטיפול כדי לקלח את החתול שלך.
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שאלות ותשובות (27)
The main ingredient in Revolution & Stronghold is Selamectin, but are the "other ingredients" the same ?
Yes, they are identical products from same manufacturer. They are just branded for different countries.
Hi, I wonder whether Revolution and Strong hold product are the exactly same product. I appreciate it if you let me know! Thank you :)
Yes they are exactly the same. The manufacturer manufacturer marketing as "Stronghold" in Europe and as "Revolution" in rest of the world.
I have sworn by Revolution/Stronghold and always give to my cat. However, I'm trying to make sure it is active against ticks. The description does not include ticks, but you have it located under "ticks" on your website, a few customer reviews mention it is effective on them, and I did read something online that it covers "some types" of ticks. Would you be able to elaborate or confirm info for me? Thanks! Ann Marie
No, Stronghold Blue Cats doesn't protect against ticks for cats. The dog version does cover certain types of ticks but it's very limited and doesn't offer full tick protection. Thanks for your questions, Ann :-)
אני רוצה להשתמש במוצר זה לכלבל במשקל דומה. אני תוהה אם זה בסדר להשתמש
If your puppy is 7 weeks of age or older you should use Stronghold for small dogs (Violet). The formula is slightly different for dogs.
Do you ship free to uk? and do I need a prescription?
All the products we currently sell are "over the counter" products in the country they are shipped from and no prescription is required. The standard shipping is FREE for orders over $20 worldwide.
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R. Ryan
Best product on the market to treat fleas,mites and ticks. Wouldn't use any other product on our cats.
L. Mason
Stronghold for cats
This is a great product...easy to use and a good price for a solution to so many problems !
Lee Yun
arrived faster than I expected
Kertu Proos
Stronghold for kittens, cats and dogs
I have 6 rescue cats and a big dog. We have struggled with fleas for over 6 months. Finally ordered stronghold from Petbucket and after 2 months of treatment, we are finally flea free! I 100% recommend Petbucket for stronghold! I even applied a tube on a street cat and she was flea free after 24h like promised!
K. Palladino
Stronghold for Cats Great Value!!
Great alternative to Revolution for cats at a great price. I used this to treat ear mites. This is so much easier than ear drops for treating them.
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