Nexgard Combo לחתולים 5.5-16.5 פאונד (2.5-7.5 ק"ג) - 3 חבילות
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Advantage Multi (Advocate) Dogs Under 4kg 8.8lbs (4kg) - 3 Pack

Advantage Multi for dogs prevents parasite infections, fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, mites and lice.

תאריך תפוגה: 06/2025
למרות שכלבים קטנים בטוחים שהם הכי פראים ואכזריים, כולם יודעים שהם זקוקים להגנה. לצערנו הרב, אתה בעצמך לא יכול להגן על הכלבלב הקטן שלך מטפילים מסוכנים. כדי למנוע את הבעיה הזו, הכימיקאים באדבוקאט פיתחו מוצר חדשני כדי להלחם בטפילים כמו:
  • פרעושים אצל כלבים
  • אקריות אוזניים
  • תולעי לב אצל כלבים
  • Treats and prevents Lungworm
  • תולעים במעיים אצל כלבים
  • תולעת שוט
This once a month topical cream will keep your scrappy little friend in good shape without the ugly necessity of force feeding him/her an unpalatable tablet. So if your dog is 8.8 lbs. or less, scientifically safeguard its quality of life as soon as possible using the patented Advantage Multi3 Pack Small Dog formula.
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שאלות ותשובות (6)
To clarify, this does or does not kill tapeworms?
This product does't treat tapeworms. We recommend using NexGard or Drontal for tape worms.
can this product be used on dogs 9 weeks old
This product is licensed for use on dogs older than 7 weeks of age.
Does this come in a 6 pack?
Yes You can find it on this link : Advantage Multi Advocate Dogs 6 pack
Does advocate take care of ticks too?
Hi Advantage Multi (advocate) prevents fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, mites and lice but not ticks.
what is the difference between advantage multi (advocate) and the normal advantage multi that I give my little dog every month. do you need a prescription to order this product
Both are exactly the same products. The manufacturer - Bayer - choose to market the product as Advocate in Europe and Advantage Multi in States.
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W. Rowan
עוֹרֵך דִין
This product works great. I like that it is topical because Lucy is very picky about what you give her to eat, so this is easiest.
Tammi Williams
Great PET BUCKET!! Thank you so Much for taking care of all "8" of my fur Babies Needs!! Arrived in 3 weeks, not bad! For the Great Prices!!!
Latonya Hillie
5 כוכבים
Latonya Hillie
5 כוכבים
This product is Great! Easy to use and protects against many things.
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